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Presskit for Parcours D’amour by Bettina Blümner 

4 pages from a photobook i made in 2016. it’s encoded and it’s about folds and flesh and love, and was published in the book “Inszenierte Projekte” in Vienna.

Textiles, bodies and landscapes consist of wavy elevations, which demonstrate mental and physical conditions.Mental and physical conditions demonstrate textiles, bodies and landscapes, which consist of wavy elevations.Wavy elevations, which demonstrate mental and physical conditions, consist of textiles, bodies and landscapes.pli selon pli.

Branding (Website, Businesscards, CI) for Ines Häufler, Austrian Author and Script Consultant

this is a photobook about the historical ‘schwanzertrakt’, which is a part of the university of applied arts in vienna (oskar kokoschka platz 1). i photographed the last 3 days before its closing due to renovation works until autumn 2018.

analog and digital photographs were printed on a A1 high quality cardboard, which was then divided into 16 elements and designed as a leporello-booklet.

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